RSSearch! for Virtuemart 2.x

The RSSearch! for Virtuemart 2.x plugin allows you to expand the search radius to include information from Virtuemart 2.x. This plugin is available for both Joomla! 3.x.

Step 1: Installing the plugin

This is done by the standard procedure required for installing any Joomla! extension:

  • Head to Extensions >> Extension Manager >> Install
  • Browse for the installation package
  • Click on Upload & Install

Step 2: Configuration

To configure the plugin, head to Components >> RSSearch! and click on RSSearch! Plugins in the dashboard. As an alternative, you can look for the plugin in Extensions >> Plugin Managers and edit it.

The following configuration parameters are available:

  • Order By: the search results can be ordered by the following event elements - Product name / Category name
  • Ascending/Descending: the displayed results can have the following directions - Ascending / Descending
  • Search fields: what event information should be included in the search radius - Products / Categories
  • Categories: what categories should be included in the search area

Important: Make sure to publish the plugin after installing it.

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