RSMediaGallery! Slideshow Module

As the name implies, the RSMediaGallery! Slideshow Module, allows you to display a gallery in a module position.

The module can be installed using the standard Joomla! installation procedure. Head to Extensions >> Install / Uninstall, browse the file and click on the Upload and Install button.

After the installation is complete, you can access it here: Extensions >> Module Manager >> RSMediaGallery! Slideshow Module.

Besides the standard Joomla! module parameters, the slideshow module, offer the following configuration options:

What images would you like to show?
  • Tags: You can specify the tags that you have assigned for your images. This basically allows you filter out the displayed images. While typing, the current configured tags are displayed.
Slideshow • Images
  • Use Original Image: Yes / No. Use the original image instead of the thumbnail . This is useful if you want to use images with a different aspect ratio, for example a full-width slider.
  • Thumbnail Size: Specify either the width or the height of the thumbnail image and RSMediaGallery! does the rest.
  • Order Images By: Free ordering / Title / Description / Hits / Created date / Modified date or Random. Using Free ordering will displayed the images as saved in the component configuration area.
  • Order Direction: Ascending / Descending.
  • Number of Items: This is the number of images that will be displayed in the module, each on a different page.
  • Open Images in New Page: Set to Yes in order to open images in a new page when clicked on.
Slideshow • Appearance
  • Use Fixed Width: Yes / No. If set to yes, the slideshow will have a fixed width.
  • Fixed Width: The width of the slideshow, specified in px.
  • Show Controls: Yes / No. If set to yes, it will display Previous / Next buttons.
  • Show Pager: Yes / No. If set to yes, the pagination will be displayed.
  • Pager Position: Top, Outside / Top, Inside / Bottom, Inside / Bottom, Outside
  • Pager Text Alignment: Left / Center / Right.
  • Pager Type: Short / Full.
Slideshow • Settings
  • Auto Start: Yes / No. If set to yes, the slideshow will start automatically once the page is loaded.
  • Pause on Hover: Yes / No. If set to yes, the slideshow will pause when the user hovers over a picture.
  • Random Slide at Start: Yes / No.
  • Loop Slides: Yes / No. If the set to yes and the slideshow reaches the finish, it will start all over again.
Slideshow • Effects
  • Mode: Horizontal / Vertical / Fade.
  • Easing: This allows you to select the effect that will be used for slideshow transitioning.
  • Speed: Slow / Medium / Fast. Allows you to control the speed of the transition.
  • Duration: Slow / Medium / Fast. The duration between each transition.
Slide • Appearance
  • Image Position: Left / Center / Right. Allows you to select the positioning of the text inside the slideshow (for image you can add a description).
  • Use Image Borders: Yes / No.
  • Use URL: Yes / No. If set to yes, each image will be linked to its configured URL.
  • Show Title: Yes / No. If set to yes, the image title will be displayed .
  • Show Description: Yes / No. If set to yes, the configured image description will be displayed.
  • Module Class Suffix: A suffix can be applied to the CSS class of the module. This allows you to style it up via your template CSS declarations.

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