Problems accessing menu items on high resolution tablets

On desktop PCs, children of root menu items will only get displayed, in a drop-down menu, when hovering the mouse cursor over their parent items. Bootstrap 2.3.2 (which is being used by both Joomla! and our templates) has a few set-backs when it comes to high resolution tablets, such as the iPad, when held in landscape mode. Due to the high resolution, Bootstrap displays the same menu as on a desktop PC. Since you don't have a mouse cursor on tablets, you won't be able to access those sub-menu items (when tapping on a root menu item, the drop-down will be displayed for a split-second and then you will be automatically redirected to the page it links to, instead of gaining access to its sub-menu items).

  1. We've recently included an option that will disable the link on the root menu items in Landscape Mode, here's how you can enable it:

    • Head to Extensions >> Template Manager
    • Look for the RSEvento template and edit it
    • In the Details tab, set Menu Compatibility for Tablets to Yes

    In doing so, when the tablet is held in landscape mode, tapping the menu item will open its afferent dropdown containing the sub-menu items, it will no longer perform the redirect to the link.

  2. A quick solution would be to simply flip the tablet in Portrait Mode. This way, the alternative main menu layout will be loaded, where all menu items and their children are accessible just by tapping the Navigation button.

  3. Another workaround would be to not set any link on the parent menu items. This can be done as follows:

    • Head to Menus >> hover the mouse over your menu >> Add New Menu Item
    • In the Menu Item Type field click on Select
    • In the System Links section choose External URL
    • Add # in the Link field

Important: Make sure to update RSEvento! in order to make use of the Menu Compatibility for Tablets feature.

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