How to rename menu title on mobile devices

A common requirement among template users is to rename the default title of the navigation menu -Navigation- visible on mobile devices (when the layout gets resized for smaller resolutions).

Joomla! Language Overrides

The Language Overrides feature is included by default in Joomla! 3.x. With it, you can change the language strings that get loaded for certain features of Joomla! or 3rd party extensions without having to directly modify the language files. It is recommended to use this feature as future updates would overwrite the language files, but the overrides will be kept.


This article consists in a step-by-step guide that will show you how to replace the aforementioned main menu title - Navigation with Menu.

Head to Extensions >> Language Manager:

Here, click on Overrides in the tabs listing.

Step 1: Then, select the language that you wish to create the override for, in the Filter dropdown:

Step 2: After selecting the language, click on New. You'll see the following page:

As illustrated in the image above, please follow these steps:

Step 3: Type Navigation in the search bar.

Step 4: Select Value in the Search for field and hit Search.

Step 5: You might get even more results than displayed in our image. Look for TPL_RSCLARIO_MENU_BUTTON and click on it. It will be automatically added in the Language Constant field and its associated value, Navigation, will get loaded in the Text field:

Step 6: In the Text field, replace Navigation with Menu (or any other value that suits your needs).

Step 7: Click on either Save or Save & Close.

Multiple languages: If you wish to translate this for other languages that you are using in the frontend, you should repeat the entire process described above for each of them. At Step 1 you should select the appropriate language in the dropdown.

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