Posting to Facebook pages authorization issues

What to do when you're experiencing a similar as the following error when posting your blog to Facebook:

Error posting to the users pages. Error: '(#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action'

Common causes

There are two main causes that can generate authorization issues. Either you haven't properly allowed the RSBlog! application on your Facebook account or the account itself isn't an administrator on the page you're trying to publish the blog post to. RSBlog! allows specifying particular pages to publish blog posts based on Facebook page ID (for example business pages) and this does require that you connect with a Facebook account that has administrator privileges.


Steps to take:

  • If you've already tried connecting to Facebook before, firstly access your Facebook account and remove the RSBlog! application (available under your Facebook account assigned applications).
  • Access your Joomla! installation backend > Components > RSBlog! > here, click on top Options button > Facebook.
  • Click "Connect with Facebook" button and a window should then request that you allow RSBlog! application to connect with your Facebook account. Ensure that you allow full permissions to the application.
  • Finally double check that the account used to connect to Facebook actually has administrator privileges for all specified Facebook pages.

By following these steps, you should now have the posting to Facebook feature working successfully. For further difficulties, official customer support is just a ticket away.

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