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07 Aug 2015

Responsive, Mobile, Adaptive or Native App – which is best for your website?

Tagged with seo , templates , joomla 2.5 , responsive , mobile devices

Here’s why you need it…

Any way you want to call it - optimization for multi-screen use or design for mobile devices – it’s very important because the use of mobile devices to surf the web and gather information or to do specific actions is growing rapidly.

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26 Jun 2015

Free Joomla! Extensions VS. Paid Joomla! Extensions - which to choose?

Tagged with joomla extensions , modules , plugins , templates , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , rsjoomla , free , free joomla extensions

This question surfaces very often and if you are reading this article, it’s because you are tempted to choose a free Joomla! extension but you want to make sure you don’t hurt your business by doing so. And we are going to give you some tips on what to keep your eye on when you “shop around” for an extension.

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09 Jun 2015

RSJuno! V2 is here!

Tagged with templates , responsive , joomla 3 , rsjoomla , bootstrap theme , Joomla theme

It's time to celebrate one of the oldest (actually, THE oldest) RSJoomla! template! What better way to do this if not with a facelift? Although we have used the same design principles, it was about time this template benefitted from the new features added to our framework.

RSJuno! v2 is here
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26 May 2015

10 Free Joomla Templates from Trusted Template Providers

Tagged with templates , responsive , joomla 3

Prometheus was said to have given us fire to warm us up; Alexander Fleming is known to have given us penicillin to cure our diseases; and the Joomla development team has given us, and is still providing us with, one of the handiest CMS to simplify moving our business and hobbies online, and to help us blossom and flourish. Whether you are going to create a website for your customer or for yourself (blog, news website, magazine, portfolio, restaurant, pet-related site, travel website and so on) Joomla would be a great choice, which will help you save time and effort.

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17 Mar 2015

RSPenta! - Responsive Joomla! 3.x Template

Tagged with joomla extensions , templates , responsive , joomla 3 , rsjoomla , bootstrap

As promised, our template portofolio is getting bigger. Today, RSPenta! - a responsive Joomla! 3.x template, best suited for business websites makes an appearance. Read this blog post for more information!

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