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21 May 2015

The Joomla! User Group Meeting - Assistance, Knowledge and Evolution

Tagged with joomla extensions , rsjoomla

In response to Paul Uhl's invitation, I had a presentation at Chicago's Joomla! User Group meeting this week about RSform!Pro offering tips and advanced usage knowledge.

Joomla! User Groups RSJoomla!

This meeting was a great experience for me and I hope more so for the participants. I had the chance to see what the users standpoint is now and I had a great time assisting them with answers.

I can't wait to get in touch with other Joomla! user groups as well.

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15 May 2015

Programming Joomla! Plugins

Tagged with plugins , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3

We have read Jisse Reitsma's latest book, Programming Joomla! Plugins, first edition (Academic Store, Netherlands, released October 2014) and we certainly recommend it!

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12 May 2015

The Popular Joomla! Form Builder - RSForm!Pro

Tagged with joomla extensions , forms , joomla 2.5 , RSForm!Pro , joomla 3 , rsjoomla

With RSForm!Pro you can create Joomla! forms within minutes. In fact, anyone who tried it noticed what a flexible form builder RSForm!Pro really is. Features ? Integrations ? You name it, RSForm!Pro most likely has it! Read this blog post for more information about the component!

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08 Apr 2015

RSJoomla! 2014 Overview and 2015 Promise

Tagged with joomla extensions , modules , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , rsjoomla

The first months of this year were an occasion for us to take another look at the feedback we have gathered in the past year, analyse what was achieved and plan the direction in which RSJoomla! will be going in 2015. Our mission remains the same; just like our motto says: " Really Simple Joomla! " – we aim to bring simplicity and task automation through our extensions.

RSJoomla! 2014 Overview and 2015 Promise
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03 Apr 2015

Up to 40% off all RSJoomla! extensions and templates for Easter!

Tagged with joomla extensions , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , discount , joomla templates , easter promotion

We want to make this year’s Easter one to remember and what better way to do that than to zip up the RSJoomla! Easter bunny costume and bring you a special gift: 20% discount on all single site subscriptions and templates and a 40% discount on multi site subscriptions.

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