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17 Apr 2014

Easter 2014 Promotion

Tagged with joomla extensions , rsjoomla , promotion , discount , joomla templates , joomla components

It is already a tradition at RSJoomla! to celebrate holidays and we have been preparing some special gifts for you. This year, the Easter bunny comes with a 30% discount for all our templates and components.

The 30% discount is available for one week , between 18-25 April 2014. This means you can have any extension or template you wish and we are happy to make this possible.

Easter 2014

The entire team at RSJoomla! wishes you a Happy Easter! with your friends or family. Happy holidays, dear friends!

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01 Apr 2014

The Showcase Contest is over!

Tagged with joomla extensions , joomla 3 , rsjoomla , showcase , contest , websites presentation

It took us longer than expected to process the large amount of data that you have submitted for the Showcase, but, finally, the contest has come to an end.

Showcase content winners

As the voting period has come to an end, we proudly announce the TOP 3 of the showcase contest.

The Gold Medal goes to www.casasaguilar.com.mx (submitted by Jonathan Guerrero)

The Silver Medal goes to www.indumicro.com (submitted by Maarten Klaassen)

The Bronze Medal goes to www.infozeker.nl (submitted by Rene Kreijveld)

Each of them are rewarded with a single site subscription for 12 months, of their choosing. We know it's April fools day, but this is for real!

The RSJoomla! collective would like to thank all of you who have submitted your websites for this contest, it offers us great satisfaction to see both that so many well-crafted sites are using our components successfully.

Congratulations to the winners !

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24 Mar 2014

The Showcase contest pre-selection is over

Tagged with joomla extensions , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , rsjoomla , showcase , contest , websites presentation


Although it took us a little longer than expected, the Showcase pre-selection is finally over. Over 25 websites were chosen for this contest (from over 150 submissions), built with the following components:

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25 Feb 2014

RSJoomla! Showcase Contest

Tagged with joomla extensions , joomla 2.5 , joomla 3 , rsjoomla , showcase , contest , websites presentation
RSJoomla! logo

Since the start of RSJoomla! back in 2007, we have gathered a large base of customers who are using our components. Thanks to you, the company kept growing and the components kept improving, making us, today, one of the most appreciated Joomla! developers on the market.

You've given us a lot, and now we want to give something back by organizing a Website Showcase Contest where you can, well, showcase your website(!) and get rewarded for that with both something useful and the winner's pride.

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19 Feb 2014

We have changed the way we keep track of new versions

Tagged with joomla extensions , update , versioning
RSJoomla! logo

Say goodbye to "revisions"

Revisions have always been more of a "legacy" mode, dating from the first days of RSForm! Pro. They served their purpose but it's time for a much needed change.

A new version scheme: 1.2.3

During the following weeks we will migrate all of our extensions to a new version scheme. The first extension that already benefits from this change is RSMediaGallery!, which was migrated from R7 to 1.7.4. The new version scheme includes three parts:

  1. Major: This will only change when a new backwards-incompatible version of Joomla! is released (think of the differences between Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 2.5 / 3.x). This will allow us to keep two versions running in parallel while still providing updates for the older version(s).
  2. Minor: This was known until now as a revision. This gets updated anytime we release a pack of features of bug fixes (every such version will be announced on our blog, as it always had been).
  3. Bugfix: Bugs appear now and then. Any time a bug is fixed, this will be updated so that you, our customer, are aware and can benefit from the new version.

What are the benefits?

Until now, all bugs found after a revision has already been released have been fixed "silently". And this is because we only change the revision when we release a major update. Now, every bug fixed will be announced in the Changelog of the respective product and this will allow us to change the version so people know there's an update, no matter how small.

This will also allow us to keep parallel versions of an extension, each with its own roadmap. Think of it in the same way Joomla! keeps two versions.

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