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by webmaster94 on 28 Sep 2015 13:52 | 1185 Hits | 2 comment(s)

Add an option to the System Check Configuration that will scan for new files since the last scan. Checksum directories?

This will find any files that may have been injected outside of Joomla. It also will find new images or other legit files, so the scanner will will need to have an Accept Changes, just like the Integrity Scanner.

And the scan output should have a separate section after the Integrity Scanner that shows the new files, so the user knows that those are new, as opposed to changed in the Integrity Scan.

Alexandru Plapana - 07.01.2016 (05:24:59)

I think this would add too much server side overhead for the active scanner and will result in site performance issues. Further to this, the number of files of a Joomla! installation is far from being fixed - consider standard cache (not to mention third party cache), install residual files, files created by third party extensions, uploads, etc.


shoulders - 07.01.2016 (04:34:12)

this an excellent feature, but i would also say add it to the active scanner. ie. if new files appear in the root directory of your joomla installation you have been hacked.


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