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IPTC and Tag System

by mtgt on 12 Jan 2015 09:49 | 1694 Hits | 2 comment(s)


It will be nice to have as features for RSMeddiaGallery to become the best gallery choice for photographer the possibility to read and use IPTC Metadata from the photos.

Like this people can add some metadata in photo before send online and feed some fields automaticaly like "name", "descrition" and more.

the best will be to use "tag" metadata to feed tag system and create a transversal system to organize the photos. Advantage to use metadata is to be able to treat photos befor esending online and avoid to open them one by one to add name, description, tags, etc. especially when there are thousand of pictures like photographers.

There is absolutly no joomla gallery uisng this system, you will be the first. You can find it on some other independant system like Piwigo which is really good gallery but not compatible with Joomla.

Thanks for your time you will take to read and think about this.

Best Regards

Alexandru Plapana - 19.01.2015 (01:54:04)

The latest RSMediaGallery! update (1.9.0) has nothing to do with IPTC data.


mtgt - 19.01.2015 (00:34:03)

is the recent change about tag means that use IPTC to fed them or is it manually?


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