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RSMembership! Stripe Integration

We would like to announce that now RSMembership! has an integration with Stripe payment gateway.

How to get the Stripe payment integration:

Since this plugin is commercial and not included in the default RSMembership!Pro package, this can be done in two ways:

  • If you don't own a RSMembership! subscription, you can purchase one along with this payment integration from the RSMembership! product page
  • If you own an active RSMembership! subscription, you can purchase this plugin from My Memberships area > Buy extra plugins button, while logged in on our website with the account that holds the subscription.
How to configure the plugin?

After downloading and installing the RSMembership! Stripe plugin from our website, you will be able to configure this from Components > RSMembership! > Payment Integrations > Stripe.

Here are the steps that you need to take in order to configure the integration:

  • first you will need to add the "Secret API Key (sk_)" and "Public Key (pk_)". You can generate these keys as instructed here.
  • set up your tax(if any)
  • set up the "Locale" option - either Auto(Detected by Stripe) based on the user's browser, either Site(Joomla! Language)
  • if you want to collect some information about the user, then you can enable the "Collect Billing Address" and "Collect Phone Number" options
  • set your "Cancel URL"
  • switch to "Advanced" tab and configure the "Payment Name" and "Enable Logging" option. If enabled, the last option will generate a "rsmembership-stripe.php" log file in your configured Joomla! log folder.

Important! In order to update the payment status, you will need to setup a webhook in your Stripe account for the checkout.session.completed and invoice.paid events at this URL:

The Stripe Plugin has the following limitations when using recurring memberships:

1. The trial period cannot be different than the regular period

2. The trial period will always be free

3. The renewal price cannot be different than the regular price

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