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Conditionals for a group of fields

Some scenarios will require a large number of show/hide conditions for your form fields and this can slow down the website as, for each condition, a new Javascript function will be added to the page.

In the latest version of RSForm!Pro we have solved this problem by allowing the selection of multiple fields when creating one conditional rule.

This has also improved the user experience, as it is much easier to create a single condition for multiple fields, then creating a condition for each one of them.

Date offset for Calendar type of fields

The Date Modifier option of a Calendar field is used so that the selected date from this Calendar becomes the minimum or maximum date of another Calendar field.

With the new release we have also added the option of adding a Date Offset for the Date Modifier option. This means that now you can add or subtract days from the date selected in the Calendar used as Date Modifier.

Let's say for example that your scenario allows users to select a Check In and a Check Out date. The Check Out date needs to be 2 days after the Check In, thus if the Check In Day is set at 01/01/2020, then the Check Out Day allows only the selection of two days in advance, so that would be 3/01/2020.

Note: The Date Offset option is available for both the Calendar and Date and Time Picker fields.

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