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RSForm!Pro New Payment Package plugin

We are happy to announce our improved RSForm!Pro Payment Package plugin that will allow you to create a complete payment form easier than ever and will enhance your business.

Here are the new enhancements to the plugin:
New Discount Field

This field will allow you to setup a Discount through Coupon Codes which can be added within the Additional Attributes area.

Discount coupons can be added each one on a new line, using the pipeline structure: discount|code.

For example:
  • 5%|DISCOUNT5 (which will give a 5% discount)
  • 15|DISCOUNT15 (which will give a flat 15 discount)

Note: You can also use PHP code within the Additional Attributes area in order to generate your discount codes.

Transaction ID

The new version of the Payment Package plugin will add a new column in the Manage Submission section, the "Transaction ID".

This will store the transaction ID, for each payment transaction that is marked as "Accepted".

Offline Payment Tax

Within the Attributes tab of the Offine Payment field we have added two new options:

  • Tax Type - which allows you to set the tax as "Percent (%)" or "Fixed"
  • Tax - which allows you to configure the tax value
Disable Deferring Emails for Offline Payments

This is a new option within the "Payment Email Settings" section of the form. By enabling this option, the Emails will be skipped from deferring when the purchase is made using an Offline Payment method.

This plugin is free, no additional costs involved!

You can find more information on this plugin by clicking on the button below.

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Cláudio - 30.04.2019 (19:01:36)

The Rsform Pro! an excellent extension, but also missing add more configuration option on the form. For example, I have a site that makes educational files available, so the visitor can download a file he should first insert: Name; Email; your region, after sending the visitor would receive the attachment in your email, for example in PDF.

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Jami Dennis - 17.04.2019 (14:33:28)
good addition

Nice improvements. it would be really, really awesome if you added an option to generate an invoice for an offline payment rather than fill in credit card information. I'd even pay for that as an added plugin! Right now I've had to hack the code to get this done, and it's not the prettiest, but it works for now.


Josh Gilson - 27.03.2019 (08:18:17)

This is great. Thank you for adding these!
Also, what's the changes to the stripe plugin as I see there's an update?


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