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RSFirewall! ver. 2.7.0 - Spam Check and Improved Scanner
RSForm!Pro ver. 1.50.0 - New Backup / Restore
RSMembership! - iDEAL Integration
RSLens! Joomla! 2.5, 3.x responsive template
RSDinah! Joomla! 2.5, 3.x responsive template

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Un Sito Web

Questo abbonamento è adatto agli utenti che vogliono estendere le funzionalita' del loro sito Joomla! usando le nostre estensioni. L'utente avra' diritto al supporto tecnico per un singolo sito con la possibilita' di modificare il dominio 3 volte in un anno.

Il supporto tecnico, i download e gli aggiornamenti saranno disponibili per 1 anno.

Più siti web

Se sei sviluppatore di siti web e sei interessato ad offrire ai tuoi clienti una vasta gamma di estensioni (da form a strumenti di marketing, e gestione abbonamenti) è possibile usare l'abbonamento per siti multipli.

Offriamo supporto tecnico illimitato per un numero illimitato di siti nel periodo selezionato - Accesso a downloads e updates inclusi.

Joomla!® Extensions, Modules and Plugins

Our Joomla! experts provide the highest quality of Joomla! extensions, modules and plugins for your Joomla! 3.x & 2.5 websites in different languages.

Don’t forget to check out the administrator and front-end demo versions of the above Joomla! extensions.

Gli ultimi aggiornamenti


RSFirewall! - Version 2.7.0 - 15 October 2014

This version includes an all-new spam protection for forms, along with many improvements and additions brought to the System Check and System Logs features, as well as added support for IPv6, CIDR notations and IP ranges.


RSForm!Pro - Version 1.50.0 - 6 October 2014

In this version the Backup / Restore functionality got completely rewritten and enriched with some interesting features. Some fixes and upgrades are also included.

RSMembership! Changelog

RSMembership! - iDEAL Integration Plugin - 25 September 2014

Using the new iDEAL Plugin, Netherlands users can monetize their memberships through the iDEAL Payment Processor. It is compatible with five types of iDEAL accounts: ABN AMRO Easy, ING Basic, Mollie, TargetPay and Sisow.

Joomla! Events- RSevents!Pro box

RSEvents!Pro - Ver. 1.7.0 - 16 September 2014

Starting with this version you can include Disqus comments on your event pages. Also, RSEvents!Pro is now adapted to the changes made by Facebook, whose integrations now require an Application ID.

RSSocial! Product Page

RSSocial! - New additions to the social suite - 12 Sept 2014

RSSocial!'s first ever update brings in two new features - Email and Recommend to a Friend.


RSBlog! - Ver. 1.12.0 - 09 Sept 2014

The latest RSBlog! revision brings new themes, an integration with Smart Search, drafts auto-saving and post reporting among others.


RSLens! - New Responsive Template - 05 Sept 2014 - Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x

Responsive template meant for photography showcasing, compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x. Includes the Shortcodes feature and customizable module positions for increased flexibility.

Latest blog entries

RSFirewall! 2.7.0 - Spam Check and Improved Scanner

RSFirewall! Logo

RSFirewall! gets further polished in its latest iteration. You'll find some important additions, like spambot protection for forms and support for IPv6, as well as improvements to already-existing features - better recommendations for the System Check and an improved Malware Check, among many others.

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RSForm!Pro Ver. 1.50.0 - Rewritten and Improved Backup / Restore Functionality

RSForm!Pro Logo

The new version of RSForm!Pro comes with a completely rewritten, improved Backup / Restore feature. Read this post for more details.

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Joomla!® Search

I nostri clienti dicono di RSSearch!

shakkyI tried to find a free search module for my joomla site. There are not too many options. RSSearch is what I need. Also I had a great support from RS Joomla Team. Thanks!

Joomla!® Gallery

I nostri clienti dicono di RSMediaGallery!

GianLucaSI needed a way to manage a large base of images, and publish different slideshows based on a selection, so for me the tagging feature is a real winner.
I must add that I have purchased some other extensions from RSJ, and I am very satisfied. Support is excellent.

afeppleI have just installed RSGALLERY and I find it is a fantastic tool. It is easy to handle and looks fantastic on my site.
Also, the support I received when tackling an issue was fabulous and extremely fast and efficient. Thanks a lot guys!

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