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02 May 2011

RSEvents! revision 24 has just been released!

Posted by. Mihaela This article was posted in RSEvents! Tagged with joomla extensions , joomla 1.6 , joomla events , event management

RSEvents! - Joomla! event extensionRSEvents! revision 24 comes with new improvements and several fixes.

1. Guest and host menu as placeholders in themes

If the previous RSEvents! release brought the option to publish the Host and the Guest Menu in a module position, revision 24 comes with the ability to embed them in the event themes, using specific placeholders.

RSEvents! guest and host menu as placeholders in the event theme

Read more about the Guest Menu
Read more about the Host Menu

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29 Apr 2011

Recurring events with RSEvents!

Posted by. Mihaela This article was posted in RSEvents! Tagged with joomla extensions , joomla 1.6 , joomla events , event management

RSEvents! - Joomla! event extensionIf you’re managing a Joomla! event website, then you would probably know that recurring events is a must have functionality.

Suppose your local community handles a church based website and their members are planning to meet each friday whithin 6 weeks before Christmas.

Lets' see how easily is to set the above recurring events in both, frontend and backend Joomla! panel with RSEvents!

1. Set repeating events in backend

In the Joomla! backend panel, you will be able to set a recurrence interval for the event in question and some basic parameters, by using the "Repeat" icon from the "Events" tab, as shown in the below screenshot.

RSEvents! - configure repeating events

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27 Apr 2011

Allow users to comment to events using RSComments! and RSEvents!

Posted by. Mihaela This article was posted in RSEvents! , RSComments! Tagged with joomla extensions , joomla 1.6 , joomla comments , joomla events , commenting system , event management

RSEvents! RSComments! integrationThe users interaction in the web 2.0 era represents a key factor for your website success.
The social element becomes even more important when you own an event website and you need to allow users to interact with each other through comments.

Therefore, having a comment system for your Joomla! event based website is not something that should be overlooked.

An easy way to achieve this is to use RSEvents!, as a Joomla! event extension together with RSComments!, as a Joomla! comment extension.

How to use RSEvents! with RSComments! ?

We will show you below how to configure RSEvents! in order to use RSComments! as a comment system for events.

Step 1:

In the Joomla! administrator panel, head to Components >> RSEvents! >> Settings >> Events and select RSComments! as the default Joomla! comment extension.

RSEvents! settings tab - enable comments

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21 Apr 2011

How to sell event privileges with RSMembership!

Posted by. Mihaela This article was posted in RSMembership! , RSEvents! Tagged with joomla extensions , events , joomla 1.6 , joomla events , joomla subscriptions , membership management

RSEvents! with RSMembership! Suppose you have a Joomla! based community website where users can organize local events from concerts to meetings and fundraisings.

One of the project requirements is to be able to sell the priveligies to add events. For example, one would be able to pay in order to add an event.

Users that want to manage their own events (create new events or even sell tickets via PayPal) will periodically be charged.

add events in the Joomla front-end panel

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25 Mar 2011

The RSEvents! 2Checkout plugin has been updated

Posted by. Mihaela This article was posted in RSEvents! Tagged with plugins , 2Checkout

We've updated the source code of our RSEvents! 2Checkout Plugin, due to several changes that the payment processor has made lately regarding the "Instant Notification Service". RSEvents! integration with 2Checkout

The update doesn't affect the plugin configuration (the 2Checkout Id, secret word, routine and mode are still required in the Joomla! backend panel, "Plugin Manager" area) and it only addresses to the 2Checkout vendor account.

What's new?

Additionally, 2Checkout requires to enter an "Instant Notification URL" in your 2Checkout account, similar to the above example:


For example, if your website domain is http://www.sell-clothes.com, you will need to enter the following URL:


More information about the 2Checkout "Instant notification URL" can be found here.

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