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21 Mar 2011

New designs and customizable themes in RSEvents! revision 23

Posted by. Mihaela This article was posted in RSEvents! Tagged with joomla extensions , events , joomla 1.5 , joomla events , event management , rsevents

Joomla! event calendar extensionWe’re happy to announce the release of a new RSEvents! revision with
exciting new features and design improvements: a brand new dashboard, new designs, customizable themes and an integration with the Google Calendar and Facebook events.

1. New event designs

RSEvents! rev. 23 comes with major design improvements: new designs, customizable event themes and new calendar themes.

We've replaced the old event templates with a set of 4 new professional designs (blue, dark, green and pink) along with 2 classic styles, specially designed to fit into any site layout.

RSEvents! event designs

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16 Mar 2011

Introducing RSSearch! - our newest Joomla! search extension

Posted by. Mihaela This article was posted in RSMembership! , RSEvents! , RSSearch! Tagged with joomla extensions , k2 , virtuemart , kunena

RSSearch! - Joomla! search extensionIf the default Joomla! search isn’t enough anymore and you’re looking for an extension that searches content into Joomla! pages and components as well, then you’ll definitely need RSSearch! installed on your website.

RSSearch! in the Joomla! front-end panel

You can configure RSSearch! to find content in Joomla! articles, sections, categories, in RSMembership!, in RSEvents!, in the Kunena topics and categories.

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16 Feb 2011

Stylish RSEvents! Slider Module released

Posted by. Mihaela This article was posted in RSEvents! Tagged with modules

RSEvents! - Joomla! event extension We know that looks is important for your site.
That's why we came up with the RSEvents! Slider Module - a new method of showing current and upcoming events.

RSEvents! Slider Module

You can find the module in your "Customer Area" on RSJoomla.com if you own a valid RSEvents! license and install it on both Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6, using the default Joomla! extensions installer.

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25 Jan 2011

Joomla! 1.6 compatibility and Authorize.NET plugin in the new RSEvents! revision

Posted by. Mihaela This article was posted in RSEvents! Tagged with plugins , joomla 1.6 , Authorize.Net

Joomla! 1.6We’ve been quite busy these days with the release of Joomla! 1.6.
As promised, most of our extensions will be 1.6 ready (apart from RSForm! and RSTickets!).

RSEvents! compatible with Joomla! 1.6

RSEvents! now joins the Joomla! 1.6 component list, together with RSMail!, RSSeo!, RSFirewall! and RSFiles!.

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08 Oct 2010

New RSEvents! - Community Builder Plugin

Posted by. Mihaela This article was posted in RSEvents! Tagged with plugins , community builder

RSEvents! integration with Community Builder We’ve released the RSEvents! Community Builder plugin that allows you to display on the Community Builder profile, the user created events along with his event subscriptions.

RSEvents! Community Builder Plugin - frontend

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